Monday, November 16, 2009

seemingly simple things

it's the simple things that make me smile inside or brings a big smile across my face. simple things like:

a bunny in the clouds
a cats soft meow
sun on my face
a gentle breeze
floating leaves

a warm embrace
a full-moon night
firelight flicker
waking up in a tent
down comforters

the smell of Earl Grey tea
a visit from my daughter
thrift store finds
sand between my toes
wind chimes

a new sweatshirt on bare skin
my daughter's laugh
the smell of fresh-baked bread
a soft warm towel after a shower

the giggles of my niece and nephew
the curl of a withering leaf
opening a new book
the pop of silly putty

the smell of fresh mowed grass
the crunch of autumn leaves
shadows dancing on the wall
my moms hug
redbud blossoms

the first frothy sip of a cappuccino
a walk in the woods
children's art
finding a feather

a hammock nap
sidewalk chalk art
sound of chopping wood
chocolate lava cake
real lavender

Christmas pine
night air
clean sheets
old family photos
oh and so much more

participating in Soul Aperture's The Simple Things. If you haven't visited her blog yet, please do so – you will not be disappointed.