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PART THREE - Camino research

Like I said I read A LOT of Camino-related books. Here is a list of just a few that I read:
Walking Home by Sonia Cho
Every Scene By Heart by Peri Zahnd
Restless Hearts by Roy Uprichard
Fumbling by Kelly Egan
Walk In A Relaxed Manner by Joyce Rupp
Camino Lingo by Reinette Novoa and Sylvia Nilsen 

One book I especially enjoyed was "Every Scene by Heart".  It felt like being along for the journey... each day is described with the right amount of detail and mixture of experiences, descriptions of places and people, while sharing her honest thoughts. It was entertaining and inspiring in equal parts. These type of books get me excited about the journey. I couldn't stop thinking about it... It consumed me. I would read on my lunch break and also at home at night. If you are a kindle unlimited subscriber there are many books you can read for free.

In addition to reading about the accounts of others' journeys, my brothers and I shared practical information back and forth. A …

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