Friday, October 31, 2008

making headway

This is just one of many scannography images I put together today for the festival. I started thinking Christmas - I can't believe I had left that out of the mix of images to offer - especially for cards. I got inspired when I found my box of stamps I had been collecting for years and years. I had a real collection of stamps when I was a child - you know the kind you send for from all over the world and put in a book? I don't know where that collection is now, but the ones I do have are the ones I've actually received on letters, some from other countries like Germany, France and England, and of course many Christmas stamps.

You can't imagine how excited I was to find these. You should see all the different "love" design stamps I have. Letters in the mail are rare these days much less with decorative stamps on them. Does anyone else save the stamps off of their letters?

Halloween's past

Please sir posted about memorable Halloween costumes and also has some photos of some fastastical costumes you should check out. She told about her favorite when she was Pippi Longstockings. I always loved reading about Pippi's adventures when I was growing up so with a red head daughter how could I not dress her up as Pippi for Halloween. These are poor photos but they still hold the memories.

So I made her this costume when she was 8. I thought she was the perfect Pippi. (sorry Taylor, you're going to be pretty embarrassed about this post - because I found some great stuff hunting for this photo -haha)

She always loved playing the classic cat,

and as she got older, the classic witch.

Taylor loved to dress up, as every child does. You're lucky I don't have time - I'd find more. I think she still likes dressing up. In fact, I believe she's going to be Little Red Riding Hood this year (with a twist of course - wearing a red hoodie)

Monday, October 27, 2008

a natural vision

Stephanie Roberts at ShutterSisters had a great post today about defining what our natural vision in photography is - how would we articulate it. Well I am not an eloquent a writer, as many of you are, but I did like pondering that question in my mind.
I think I would say my vision is to see the small picture instead of the large picture - to focus in on the sometimes ignored. I love reflections and shadows and the little details that tell the story of the whole. I see beauty in the very simple.

It's a good thing to think about and examine as we shoot - why exactly we find certain things interesting to photograph.

I know that this isn't fabulous photography but it is an indication of what captures my attention so it must speak to my "natural" vision - good or bad.

delicate pink

Jessica, I would have a really hard time saying which one I like the best (see comment in previous post). But this little pink- stemmed flower is so delicate and I love the curve of it. The other items I really like are the dried pods of various types. The leaves are amazing - they look like they've been painted with water colors. I can't wait to scan those in. What did you have in your mind that I would like most?

Sunday, October 26, 2008


The kindness that is shown here through this virtual world astounds me. I had posted a blog a week or so ago expressing my frustration in finding fall leaves for a project I am working on and Jessica was kind enough to offer to send some from her town of Boone, NC. Isn't that the most amazing offer of kindness? But the thing is she went beyond simply gathering some leaves from her yard, she went on a dedicated nature walked and looked for special things that she felt I would enjoy and be able to use.

I got a large box filled with all sorts of interesting wildflowers, dried pods, weeds and colorful leaves. I was so upset that I didn't take a picture before I pulled everything out because Jessica had wrapped separate little bundles in fall colored tissue paper - wish you could have seen it. I have no idea what they all are - but they are wonderful. I have been scanning away all day.

Jessica thank you so much for this bountiful package, it is appreciated more than you know.

field of goldenrod

This is one of the images -  it's not the best, but I'm too tired to go through them all now.
Goodnight all.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

the crazy blue chair

I didn't throw away your chair, Taylor.
Taylor came home one day with this old blue chair. She had bought it for $12 and planned to use it in photo shoots. I said, "well, ok it stays in your room though." So she would carry it up and down the steps to take it on photo shoots. The above photo was a lot of fun to work on. Our yard didn't have any clear, bright colored leaves so we went to my work place with a trash bag and gathered, by hand, all the leaves we could without looking like we had lost our minds. Then we brought them home and she made a rug out of them with pine needle fringe. I love her creativity. I wanted to lounge on the rug of leaves and read a book in the warm sun. In fact, I did for a while when she was finished with her shoot.

The blue chair turned up in a lot of her photos. This is one of my favorites. She used a self timer on this series and got a lot of really cool photos. It was 32ยบ out that night and you see what she's wearing. brr! It's entitled "gathering light"

Um, don't ask. It was part of an assignment she was doing on the unusual perspective. It was so funny to see her doing this right out in our front yard - no care of what others thought driving by. One guy nearly wrecked on his bike doing a double take. So I took this of her taking her photo. See the camera on the tree. Pretty tricky since she was using a film camera and had to set the timer and run back in to position. By the way, the gorilla tripod is fantastic. You can attach it anywhere.

When not being put to a more creative use, the blue chair quickly became Kodi's favorite spot in the sun - up in Taylor's room.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

happy love thursday

wow what a glare - she really is sweet i promise. I liked the heart next to her so I took the photo anyway. 

Taylor loves this cat . We adopted her for Taylor on her 18th birthday and then she went away to college. Taylor is coming this weekend for the first time since August and I am very excited but I think Taylor is more excited about seeing her kitty than she is me. Well not really, but she did say, " i miss kodi (and evee) a lot. I'm really excited to see them. I'm sad I haven't gotten to see kodi grow up. What if she doesn't sleep with me? That would be so sad..."

Well don't worry Taylor, I think kodi will be as happy to see you, as you are her, and I know kodi will sleep with you - she still sleeps on your bed - she loves you.

special little corners

This little corner is on my floor-to-ceiling bookshelf and is a photograph of me taken for my senior thesis show in college. My good friend took it (it's one of the few photos of myself that I actually like) and I used the photo to promote my show of a grouping of paintings entitled "a self portrait". In college, my work was primarily still life paintings that captured a similar feel as the "little corners" in my house do now. The still life might have been of a basket of sea shells and a letter being written to a boyfriend, or my backpack and art books after class, but they all told a part of my story - said a little something about me. I think that is the same way with these little corners we all have in our homes. They give others a glimpse into our personalities, the things we love, the things that matter to us - that makes us happy.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Re: Love Your Art

"Spring Is Busting Out All Over" and "Hope" the night before the parade (you can see more detail if you click the image)

Cookie Sunshine posted about "loving your art" and my first reaction was "YES, I know just what you mean when you have to let it go" and I told her about these two turtles I painted for a community fund-raiser. I lived with these two guys for several months, working hard on painting these two that had to join a parade of 72 other turtles the month of April . It was so much fun and I grew very attached to them. Hope was painted specifically for St. Joseph's Hospital and had a stain glass motif of a dogwood with clouds on the other side. And Spring... was sponsored by a doctor's office. They lived in the community until September and then they were all auctioned off. My turtles brought in $4000 each for the cause and that's a great feeling - some others brought in much more. I never saw them again but I'm pretty sure Hope still lives at the hospital.
I had not thought of these turtles for a long time until Cookie posted her blog about loving your art. And then, this is so odd, when I got home I had a call from the director of our community society and she said, "we have another project, on a smaller scale than the turtles, but would you be willing to paint a painting for our 20th anniversary gala/auction event?" "Yes, I would love to!"
I couldn't believe I got that call on this day that I was thinking of the turtles (it's been 3 yrs since I painted those turtles!). It's such a good feeling to know my art work is admired enough to be a part of elite group of artist and that it benefits such a good cause. So, I do love my art, especially when I know it makes others happy.

Oh, here's the back of Spring... (and my dog, Evee). I liked that little wren.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

beautifully mundane

Shutter Sisters asked us to document the mundane in our life and I remembered this photo.
I was preparing to start a little sewing project and had the materials piled on my ironing board and when I looked at the other day I thought "wow, that's rather nice" so I took a photo.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Beauty and Truth

In response to SS Super Hero Challenge. What magic is in your kitchen?
Well there's some beauty

and then there's the truth...

Why on earth do I save all these tea bags? I guess I keep thinking there's got to be some way to recycle them. Look at all the positive messages on the tags - "uplift everybody and uplift yourself"

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happy Love Thursday

Soy Love. My daughter used to fix me soy, chai lattes and last night I fixed myself a cup. I looked down in  the midst of working and there was a heart, plain as day right in my drink - so I wrote Happy Love Thursday on my memo mouse pad. : )

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

An eye for photography

This post is in response to ShutterSisters - finding your creativity.

I have been in a creative environment all of my life. My mother is a painter and instilled in me the love of painting from a very early age. I majored in fine art in college and had several shows of my paintings but I went on to a profession in advertising. When I had my daughter it was my mom who passed the paint brush over to Taylor and guided her to finishing a painting every summer. And she painted wonderful paintings. But I don't think Taylor believed she was a real artist, or very creative.
When she was 10, Taylor made a box camera and that is were she found her passion, her outlet for creativity. Her love for photography grew from there. It wasn't until she returned from France at the age of 14 and came back with her photos of the trip that I was convinced she truly had a gift - an exceptional eye - that was worth encouraging. She saw things that others didn't. In France when others were snapping pictures of the typical, she was left behind, busy framing in her camera a simple white jug with wildflowers sitting in a window. So I did encourage her, and she had her first festival show at the age of 16 and has been selling her work every since.
The above photo was taken with a small point and shoot. She has since moved on to a NikonD40x. How she wishes she could go back and recapture the wonder she saw in Avignon, France. Maybe one day.

sign of the time

This is for elk

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Best photos ever

In response to Cookie Sunshine 's post on old photos and the memories.
Oh man, don't get me started.
I cherish family photos almost more than anything. I have photos of all kinds, all around me, at all times. If I look up right now from my computer here is one that I see.

I love this photo of my dad cooking at our campsite. We have camped my whole life. My parents created so many wonderful memories this way. All of our travels, all the way out to California, or up the coast to Maine, we camped along the way. Seeing and experiencing more than we ever would have traveling by plane and staying in stuffy motels. I didn't want it any other way for my daughter either. I started camping with her when she was only 4 and I believe she has fond memories as well.
I also love this one of me in the snow. I'm riding a sled my dad built and wearing a red cordoroy coat and a cowboy hat (so I could be like my older brother). I still love red coats and I still love snow, and my dad still builds things for me.

I can get totally absorbed in the memories when I look back at old photos, even those not so very old, like this one from earlier this year.

This photo makes me laugh, out loud, every time I look at it. It captures the pure joy we find in going on photo adventures together, putting our creative minds together to come up with the perfect solution.
We had just realized our neighbors were looking down in our yard wondering what kind of loonies we were - Taylor accidentally pushed the shutter release as we were dying laughing. Here is the final, in a series of 9, Alice inWonderland she did for her senior photo focus project. (even my mom participated. she is the hare in the bushes)

Oh there are so many more. I love photos!!
Thank you CookieSunshine for helping me reflect.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The color I'm seeing today?

I decided to set this blog site up as a place to contribute to the Shutter Sisters challenges each day. Today the question was posed, "what colors are you seeing today?" It's funny because I had just gotten home with a photo on my iphone. In Atlanta the leaves have barely started changing, but as I drove by the river I just had to turn off the road. There was a beautiful field of goldenrod shining in the sun. It's only a snapshot with my phone, so the photo is not great, but it captures the essence of the beauty I saw today. I look forward to the magnificent hues of autumn appearing each day.
"I am seeing yellow today. "