Sunday, September 30, 2012

the old poplar tree

It was a sad day for us on September 12, 2012.

I believe I posted long ago about the old poplar tree in our backyard - the one my daughter fought to save back in 2000. She was so distraught that the builders wanted to cut down this tree that she sat beside it and wrote this poem.

 The Old Poplar Tree and Jesus

The Old Poplar Tree standing so beautiful and bold
The wind whips through its leaves
It stands out among all the rest
It surely is the best
When I see it standing so tall and bold
It makes me want to hold it in my heart
When I see it standing so majestically
It makes me want to be like it too
And when the other trees complain about
being whipped around by the wind
The Old Poplar Tree stands tall and bold
but never boasts
It also shelters many things

To me the Old Poplar Tree reminds me of Jesus
Jesus stands out among the rest
He really is the best
When I think of Him so bold and true
It makes me want to be like Him too, so I do
When I see Him so majestically
It makes me want hold him in my heart, so I do
And when some other people complain
Jesus stands tall but never boasts
Jesus shelters many things

- written 4/22/2000, Taylor Wilkins

Well on September 12, 2012 this tree had to come down. I knew the night before that it would come down but I didn't realize the impact it would have on me until the next morning when the man was up in the tree cutting down limbs. By the time I got home from work that evening there was a huge hole in my backyard and a sadness stronger than I had imagine. I literally cried when I saw the empty spot.

I sent this poem to my family as a reminder of what Taylor had felt at that young age and my brother wrote back these words - "And most importantly, both were sacrificed to save you." His words helped put it all in perspective. This tree really did need to come down as you can see by the photos it is amazing that it stood this long.

I miss it so much.