Sunday, February 6, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 2

It's funny the only one of these I had to purposely shoot for the scavenger hunt this week was the "page 25 of a magazine".
Page 25 - I had a magazine, really a catalog, open looking at it on Saturday morning and then remembered about the page number. Not a very interesting shot but it did happen to be a page that had several things I liked on it. The catalog is Ballard Design.
Water - The water droplet caught my eye yesterday as I was working in my studio. At first I thought it was a silver ball and then realized it was a bead of water.
Window - Kodi loves to sit in my window seat, especially when the sun is warming it in the afternoon. Today the sun shone nicely.
Quote - Because the fortune from a chinese lunch wasn't really a quote I did also purposely take a photo of a quote on my refrigerator as well.
Activity - Packaging up my rings on Sunday is a pretty common activity for me these days. I usually have one or two to mail off first thing Monday AM.

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