Sunday, June 10, 2012

Denver and the Rockies - Day One

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Keith, Taylor and I just got back from a 5 day vacation in the Rockies. The initial purpose of the trip was for a festival that Keith was participating in called the People's Fair in Denver but with a few extra days we made it a full-out vacation of fun.
After flying in to Denver, we drove to Colorado Springs to hike through the Garden of the Gods - what a magnificent introduction to this part of the country. The drive down to Colorado Springs was beautiful - the sweeping pastoral greens being hit by the setting sun was gorgeous.
Thursday morning, first on the list was hiking boots for Taylor. We found some that she loved and headed out to hike through the gardens. I have to say those hiking boots gave Taylor a little more confidence that I was comfortable with. She hiked to high grounds... and I followed. But it was worth it because the views where outstanding.

Cathedral Spires

That rock above looks pretty precarious don't you think?

Cathedral Valley

Balanced Rock

Three Graces

a sweet spot

siamese twins

a view of Pikes Peak

I wish we had had several more hours here to hike and take photos but we had to make our way towards Red Rocks for the concert of our lives.

Looking at the photos now it seems we were in some pretty dangerous situations. At the time it almost felt like these structures were man-made - just inviting you to climb and explore wherever you wanted without fear of mishap. But if your think about it these rocks and sandstone structures could shift at any time, anyplace. I'm glad our play was safe. We had a blast and it truly is some of the most spectacular scenery you'll see anywhere.

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