Saturday, January 17, 2009

#2 Honouring My Inspirations

Just to preface - I haven't received my book yet so I'm a little behind.

The #2 Secret to Highly Creative Women is "Honouring Your Inspirations" and we were asked to think on these things.
"What have you always loved? What inspires you? Catches your eye? Makes your heart sing?"

This is a quick visual representation of what makes me happy - things I love everyday - my home: the warmth, the light, the treasures, the art and craftsmanship in it and God's beauty surrounding it.
The creative talent that I am trying to follow and grow is my ability to paint. What inspires my painting? I pull from what surrounds me, usually right here in my home, when I begin a painting.

I delight and draw inspiration in the following:
God's beauty every single day, sunshine, clouds, sunlight, shadows, warmth, firelight, scents, snow, flowers, fall leaves
simplicity, quietness, organization
art, photography, clean design, colors, red things, the written word, book covers, music and CD covers
classic design, shaker furniture, vintage dishes, soft florals, warm woods
travel, new places
my daughter, family, friends, and everyday I am inspired by reading blogs, visiting etsy, and flickr
I could continue to add to this list all day but these were the first things that came to my mind.

I have been surrounded by creative inspiration all of my life, specifically in my own family. My mother is a still life, landscape and portrait painter, a carver, a quilt maker, a doll maker; my dad is a furniture maker, a toy maker, a blacksmith and iron metal craftsman, a baker; both of my brothers share the same talents; my younger brother is a medical illustrator. Of course they are much more than these things but in the artist realm they can do all things and do them well. So it wasn't any surprise that I would go in to an art field of some sort. By profession I am an art director but for pleasure I am a painter, potter, weaver, and jewelry maker. Of course it wasn't a shock when my daughter decided she wanted to go into the arts as well. She is very talented and I feel has a more creative mind than I do. She is just in her 2nd semester of college - her main focus going in was photography but she has found that she is very good at drawing as well. I am inspired by her and look forward to seeing where she will go with her talent.

Today I made space for just me. I stayed at home and really looked around me and through my photographs and pictures I have pulled off the internet - what am I drawn to and why? Then I figured my home must represent a lot of what makes me happy so I created the little collage of home. But of course I am inspired beyond home. I am inspired by all of you ladies out there who are doing wonderful things with painting, photography, the written word, baking, housekeeping, and parenting. You keep me focused and give me a sense of accountability to do my best and keep at it. Thank you.


ELK said...

you have been doing some hard work ~but fun I know.

To think on these areas that inspire your artistic self...I am really excited for this journey you are on and glad to be just a click away ~ your mosaic says so much

Genie Sea said...

What a lovely, spacious, welcoming, gentle, warm piece. From photos to words. Loved it! :)

esk said...

I love how you describe's God's beauty. It's so true; the best things in life are free.

Great post.

Kavindra said...

Wow, there's a post about the power of genetics! Everyone in your family is so creative. Your holiday gatherings must be very interesting and funky!

I love your use of the mosaic. Pictures speak so much louder than words sometimes. Especially on the topic of beauty.

Sheila said...

If those are all pictures from your home I want to visit! Beautiful!

And how cool you share blogging with your daughter!

Looking forward to seeing more Spread Wings...

Lisa said...

Your heart and creativity are so evident in your surroundings. Thank you for sharing your home and heart with us.

Pearl Maple said...

Beautiful collage peice to celebrate inspirations. My book has not arrived yet either so enjoying what everyone else is posting while i muse over the prompts.

Connie Carpenter Macko said...

thank you for sharing your inspirations! so lovely. And so wonderful you can share this gift of creativity and art with the generations. It must be nice to be surrounded with people who "get you".

Tara Sophia said...

What a beautiful piece! I'm truly inpsired by your inspirations and the gratitude and abundance that comes through in your words.

How wonderful that you created space and downtime for yourself - I loved reading about that, and seeing your creative inspirations, so gorgeously put together in the collage.

There is so much sacredness in creating a home that expresses our love for family and friends, and that includes the things we love most in life. My home is slowly becoming an expression of and nuturer of my creativity, and it really makes a difference.

Happy to be in 12 secrets book club with you.

Jamie said...

Not to worry about not having the book - you've written a beautiful post about your inspirations.

I'm so glad you shared the collage of your home. It's so warm, welcoming and beautiful. What a lovely place to be!

Sacred Suzie said...

I picked up on the home theme immediately, it's something I am drawn to as well. You have an amazing family of artists!

Indigo said...

I think you have the key to serenity. When you can look around you and find beauty in the simplest don't see the object, you see the possibilities. Right now I devote quite a bit of me to writing, but it's not all I am. I can crotchet, knit, cross-stitch, draw (charcoal etches), beadwork..

I think we need to allow ourselves some creative exploits from time to time. That feeling of having made something with your own hands. (Hugs)Indigo

etherealgraphics said...

I, too have a daughter away at college and Oh how I miss her! I am honored to be on this journey with you and I hope we walk beside eachother on this path and share some lovely words!

leaca said...

I am working on this one today. I love that you have given your love of art to your daughter. It is always surprising to see ourselves in our children. My son has my love of rock music, daughter loves kids, and the youngest is into photography. It just does a heart good.

Mary said...

Lovely photos and words, beautiful and inspiring post!

margieandkath said...

how come i never saw this blog before????? i thought we were friends?? this is great.