Thursday, January 22, 2009

birds will sing their sweet song

It seems a lot of bloggers are eager for Spring to arrive - they've had enough of the cold and gray. In some ways it feels like it is just around the corner that the buds will begin to emerge and the birds will sing their sweet song - it really won't be long.
After I took the photo for my Spread Your Wings post, I looked around and realized - I have birds of all types in my home. Birds that are sculpted, painted, hooked, carved and cast and one that sings for me each hour. I guess I'm really draw to their charm. They make the home cheery despite the weather.
Did you know that “The bluebird is symbolic of happiness and fulfillment. When you see a bluebird around you it is a reminder that your world is filled with happiness and satisfaction, it shows us to take a closer look and to value and appreciate all of the joy that surrounds our lives.”


Ms. Tee said...

All of your birds (and photos!) are wonderful, and they look so pretty in a montage. :) Thanks for sharing them!

ELK said...

birds ...........I love them!

Georgia B. said...

oh, goodness. you have read my mind.

i already took all the pictures of the many birds around my house to do a post just like this—even put them all in a little mosaic like this.

if and when i do, i hope you do not think i stole your idea. i truly had plans to do this. and even if i didn't, you would have inspired me to do so.

i just love birds! they are everywhere throughout my house! great minds . . .