Sunday, March 22, 2009

monday memories - 3

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I'm reminiscing college days a lot lately. I suppose because of the facebook thing. I've recently found several of my old college friends through facebook and so I've been rummaging through old photos trying to find some photos that I could post and, just for fun, maybe a few to embarrass people with. I'm not coming up with any real good embarrassing ones but I have found great memories in these boxes of old photos.
I had a friend in college that was a photographer and he loved to take photos of me and for some reason I don't remember minding it - today I hate for people to take my picture. I guess I didn't mind it much because he made me look good. Pretty much the only photos I like of me, he took. I guess that proves that a professional photographer (which he is now) can make anyone look good - it's all in the lighting - and the setting.
Back in college, I wore Ralph Lauren clothes and my signature scent was Lauren cologne. I'd say I had a classic style back then (I'm wearing a pearl necklace with this otherwise very sporty look). My friend made me look sort of like a model in this moody shot taken in a little log cabin in the middle of a field where deer were grazing . I wish he could work that magic on me again.

I went to Berry College in Rome, GA. It's the largest land mass campus in the world. On a beautiful spring day like today - blue skies and 70ยบ, and a Sunday - we would ride our bikes down a flat 3 mile stretch, past huge fields filled with deer, a lake, and the woods were you might see a wild turkey cross the road, to the older part of campus were we would hike to the reservior or the Old Mill, spread our blanket, intending to study, but just taking a nap in the sun instead.

The Old Mill - considered one of the largest overshot waterwheel in the world

That is when I could find my bike. I rode my bike everywhere... down the hill to breakfast, to classes, to work (I worked on the paint crew painting houses) and to my art studio at night. But if someone thought they needed it more - maybe they were late to class or something - they would just "borrow" a bike and leave it somewhere else. Mine was a very unique bike - a tiny Schwinn (like a junior bike - I'm only 5'2") painted to match my car (remember in the previous memory post - not the most common color for a car or a bike) and for some reason it got borrowed a lot. Of course I would eventually find it. Worse than that... more than once it was thrown into the reflection pool along with a few other bikes. Swimming wasn't allowed in the reflection pools but on days like that someone had to go fishing for bikes. That was a great old bike - it developed a lot of character through those those 4 years and I suppose I did too.

This is the reflection pool in front of the dorm I lived in

Those were great times. Don't we all sort of wish we could go back to those college days?

photos of Berry taken from the website


simplyblogged said...

Isn't facebook great for finding old friends again?!

It is fun to here about you in the old days. My signature scent is Calvin Klein or Ralph Lauren scents. They are my favorite.

Gayle at Planet M Files said...

You do look like a model! How cool!

That is such a beautiful campus, but your poor bike! That must have been frustrating on the days that someone had "borrowed" it!

Thank you for sharing your college memories with us today!

East Coast Wahine said...

Nice photo of your style!

ELK said...

oh what a walk down memory lane ~just great images ...especially the artistic/moody one of you!

Shalet said...

I'm thinking you needed a bike lock. ;o)

Happy Monday!

Georgia B. said...

oh, my goodness! that is an awesome photo! "you look mahvahlous, dahling!"

wow! you are just as great in front of the camera as you are behind it!

i just discovered today that one of my friends that i do not talk to very often—the wife of the brother of my former boss—started a blog back in July. i went to her blog today, and then went to her first post to see when she started. you left a comment on that post. weird, hah?


Oh, isn't it great to remember old times and go through all of the old photos?? It makes you think of all the people you hung out with and shared fun with.
I'm glad you were able to hook up with some old friends, makes you feel young again eh?? I know it does me anyway! lol take care my friend,
Julian :)

robinbird said...

i love this!! you, so many years ago. sorry dear i simply do not agree with your view of your current self. i love how you look now...which admittedly i have sen only the teeniest part of :) that campus is wonderful but your stories of your life there make it even better. i didn't know you were a mere 5'2". i am 5'3" oh...and 1/2". it counts right?