Wednesday, July 1, 2009

blogger portrait

A while back I signed up to send 12 photos of myself to D, a figurative sculptor. She wants to combine what she does in the studio with her blogging and is doing a series of "Blogger" portraits – sculptures of 12 people who she has a connection with in the blogosphere. I am so excited to see what she does with this. I entered because I thought it might be a good way for me to become more comfortable with having my portrait taken and interested to see how someone else might "see" me.
So I had T take a series of 12 images that D asked for, starting at 12 o'clock and going around me taking a photo at each "hour". I had T do it several times because each time I browsed through the images I didn't like them one bit. One thing I discovered was that I got younger looking as she went around – it seemed I looked a good 10 years younger at 9 o'clock position than I did at the 3 o'clock position. I guess everyone has a good side. I never really knew which one was mine – never paid that much attention. Well I decided my left (9:00) profile is acceptable but I'm not so accepting of my right (3:00) profile. At first I thought it was mostly because of the lighting, but after 4 tries at different times and locations I decided I just don't like the view of my right side. I also discovered that my features are lopsided – I mean I know very few of us, if any, are completely symmetrical. I just never paid attention to what all those differences in me where . If you've never done this sort of examination of yourself, from all angles, it's quite revealing.

12 o'clock position (as if I'm looking at the computer screen reading someone's blog - only outdoors because I thought the light would be better - even lighting definitely helps)

3 o'clock position

9 o'clock position

I was very tempted to do some photo-retouching – I refrained so that it would be a true representation. (By the way have you ever played around with the red filter? it can be a beautiful thing on skin tone or it can be a very scary thing.)

Can't wait to see what D does with these (I gave her all 12 images - the good and the bad sides - to work from)


Char said...

I agree - features are never symmetrical. but you are lovely. I too hate photographs of myself and will rarely, rarely pose.

elk said...

hello there!
sounds like a wonderful project cannot wait to see you immortalized in granite! wink!

bermudabluez said...

I think your pictures came out just perfect!! I don't think anyone really likes pictures of themselves...Simply can't wait to see the finished product....sounds very cool!!

Gayle at Planet M Files said...

How cool that is! I can't wait to see the finished sculpture!


Hey Autumn,
This project sounds really interesting, and I can see why you would be intrigued. Your photos are really nice. I don't care to much for the way I look in pics either, but, it would be nice to get an idea of what others see in the physical me.
take care,
Julian :)

Jewels said...

What a great statue these will make :)

Kimmie said...

All of the photos are good .... you have a lovely and sweet face :) ....

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful atc from ELK's swap. I am happy for the reminder that "He Love Me." I think I will keep it in my wallet :)

Cheers! Kimmie

julie king said...

i like the 12 o'clock position so we can see your eyes. you have lovely eyes. looking forward to seeing your sculpture. sounds like fun.