Sunday, March 6, 2011

Scavenger hunt 3

I missed posting this scavenger hunt collection while i was away on vacation. I put together my mosaic of images from the trip after I got back. Here is what I found.

Capture the sky - It wasn't hard to capture a breathtaking sky while I was away on vacation in Arizona. Every night I was able to see a vibrant sunset over the desert and enjoy the brilliant blue sky while snowshoeing. And even though we were at the Grand Canyon for just a short while, and it was a little overcast, we were fortunate enough to see the sun break through and to be there when the sun set over the canyon.
Everyday - Everyday, while on vacation, before venturing out, I stopped by Mountain View coffee house and enjoyed a delicious cappuccino and a tasty treat and logged onto my FB account and checked my email and such - it was routine for that week.
Furry - Walking through a snowy trail while at the Grand Canyon we came upon a group of deer. It was so cool to be able to get close to them - they were not spooked by us at all. I was pleased with a few of the photos that I got - difficult as it was - they were busy eating and kept getting behind the brush.
Life - I chose this photo of the Robert Indiana's Love sculpture. It's a popular site and there were people all around. I waited and waited until no one was climbing on the sculpture or having their portrait with their loved one taken in front of it. And I finally got some without people around. See I initially thought I wanted the sculpture just on it's on. But it's this one - with the young couples in the background and the children resting after playing hide and seek that make it so much more interesting. It's life.
I also chose a shadow portrait of myself while out in the snowy woods - a place I feel most alive and invigorated.
Blurred - I took a lot of photos out of the window of our rented Jeep Wrangler. The landscape being so different than what I am used to here in Georgia. The vast mountain ranges, the cactus growing tall along the hillsides, driving from brown desert land to the white snowy woods that I love... so many photos out of the window as we drove. As a result there were many blurred images - some I liked.

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