Thursday, November 20, 2008

another self portrait challenge

Shutter Sisters - self-portrait photo challenge - go outside, hold your camera down a bit and capture a shot of yourself with the sky as your backdrop. Then point your camera down and capture your feet on the ground. Put the images together to create a lovely diptych that reveals a small, telling moment in your day.
I'm a day late on this challenge but fortunately I had a vacation day to day and could use the daylight hours to participate in the challenge. And let me tell you - it WAS a challenge. I must have taken over 20 shots. Pointing down for the feet was easy but the pointing the camera upward at the face - not a flattering angle - was not so easy. For one thing you can't look through the viewfinder to see what you're getting but the main thing was that angle. I'm glad I'm short so no one has to look at me from that angle. However, trees are beautiful from that viewpoint and I finally got something acceptable.
I stood in the exact spot to look down and to look up. I knew when I read about that challenge of just where I wanted to try it. I love this beech tree in my backyard. It tends to hold on the the leaves longer than any other and turn a beautiful golden yellow. But in this photo you can only see the green leaves that remain on the lower half of the tree - the top leaves have turned a golden color.

I also took one later in today and here is how it turned out.


Elizabeth said...

those turned out great. I'll have to try it at some point but lately my attire has been somewhat amusing when I take the dog for a walk. I'm not sure I want to document it. ;-)

ELK said...

i did try it BUT did not follow the rules...i do not do photos from under my chin...I can barely take photos in the mirror! yours is great L. mine is on my flickr

leaca said...

How did I not know you had another blog? Great selfies.

Wendy said...

Wow, great image. You should be proud!

Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

those are fun.

it's funny, 'cause i just posted a pic that is one half of that--my feet walking through the leaves.

i'll have to to the other half, now.