Saturday, November 19, 2011

Gratitude Project - Day 10

Grateful for being noticed - making new friends

One day I was eating at The Hearth and the waiter noticed a feather necklace I was wearing and asked where it got it. I told him that I had made it and he was excited, saying that he had a friend who had a gift store - that he knew she would just love it. I gave him my card and she contacted me the next day. When I walked in her shop I was so impressed with the charm of it. I was hoping this connection would work out. Thankfully she was interested. I went to work on creating several (about 7 ) new feather necklace - each one unique and different. I dropped the necklaces off yesterday and I'm anxious. Will they be well-received?

I can't tell you how excited I am to be represented in this beautiful shop. If you live in Atlanta and haven't discovered this gem of a shop you should definitely check it out. There is something for everyone on your shopping list - all handcrafted and selected with care by Gina Humphries. When you walk in and see the unique hand-crafted items and the way Gina has displayed them, you will want everything in the shop. The store is small, intimate and cozy and Gina is such a delightful person - her excitement and enthusiasm about each of her artists draws you in. I'm convinced you will not walk out empty-handed. Located in Peachtree Hills

Gina is foremost a very talented floral designer. I look forward to using her services for a special occasion.

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