Wednesday, October 22, 2008

special little corners

This little corner is on my floor-to-ceiling bookshelf and is a photograph of me taken for my senior thesis show in college. My good friend took it (it's one of the few photos of myself that I actually like) and I used the photo to promote my show of a grouping of paintings entitled "a self portrait". In college, my work was primarily still life paintings that captured a similar feel as the "little corners" in my house do now. The still life might have been of a basket of sea shells and a letter being written to a boyfriend, or my backpack and art books after class, but they all told a part of my story - said a little something about me. I think that is the same way with these little corners we all have in our homes. They give others a glimpse into our personalities, the things we love, the things that matter to us - that makes us happy.

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