Thursday, October 23, 2008

the crazy blue chair

I didn't throw away your chair, Taylor.
Taylor came home one day with this old blue chair. She had bought it for $12 and planned to use it in photo shoots. I said, "well, ok it stays in your room though." So she would carry it up and down the steps to take it on photo shoots. The above photo was a lot of fun to work on. Our yard didn't have any clear, bright colored leaves so we went to my work place with a trash bag and gathered, by hand, all the leaves we could without looking like we had lost our minds. Then we brought them home and she made a rug out of them with pine needle fringe. I love her creativity. I wanted to lounge on the rug of leaves and read a book in the warm sun. In fact, I did for a while when she was finished with her shoot.

The blue chair turned up in a lot of her photos. This is one of my favorites. She used a self timer on this series and got a lot of really cool photos. It was 32ยบ out that night and you see what she's wearing. brr! It's entitled "gathering light"

Um, don't ask. It was part of an assignment she was doing on the unusual perspective. It was so funny to see her doing this right out in our front yard - no care of what others thought driving by. One guy nearly wrecked on his bike doing a double take. So I took this of her taking her photo. See the camera on the tree. Pretty tricky since she was using a film camera and had to set the timer and run back in to position. By the way, the gorilla tripod is fantastic. You can attach it anywhere.

When not being put to a more creative use, the blue chair quickly became Kodi's favorite spot in the sun - up in Taylor's room.


Wayfaring Wanderer said...

i love those sorts of chairs in a outdoor environment.....I haven't placed a chair for photos, but I have taken photos of abandoned chairs.
Last Fall: Chairs

Maybe I should be thinking about setting this up......thanks for the inspiration! I love how this keeps happening :o)

p.s. your package should be arriving any day now.

Elizabeth Harper said...

It's great to see the back story on this chair and the set up for the shot!

I love how a creative spirit shelters a open mind.

What a good mom and guide you are....

ELK said...

oh how I enjoy this post ~ such a creative bond between you that you share with me and for that I am blessed!

I can hear the "OK it stays in your room" comment and Kodi is waiting!

ELK said...
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Lemon Dingo said...

Your wonderful daughter has inspired me....I might try this on the permitting!

spread your wings said...

Thank you for the many kind remarks towards Taylor's creativity. She inspires me daily. It is so rewarding to see her develop and to know that at such a young age she already has a strong a passion and direction for what she wants to do.

Soon, Then said...

This is so great. How creative you and your daughter are! And really, I think the blue chair is pretty. :)
Thanks for stopping by my blog!