Sunday, October 12, 2008

Best photos ever

In response to Cookie Sunshine 's post on old photos and the memories.
Oh man, don't get me started.
I cherish family photos almost more than anything. I have photos of all kinds, all around me, at all times. If I look up right now from my computer here is one that I see.

I love this photo of my dad cooking at our campsite. We have camped my whole life. My parents created so many wonderful memories this way. All of our travels, all the way out to California, or up the coast to Maine, we camped along the way. Seeing and experiencing more than we ever would have traveling by plane and staying in stuffy motels. I didn't want it any other way for my daughter either. I started camping with her when she was only 4 and I believe she has fond memories as well.
I also love this one of me in the snow. I'm riding a sled my dad built and wearing a red cordoroy coat and a cowboy hat (so I could be like my older brother). I still love red coats and I still love snow, and my dad still builds things for me.

I can get totally absorbed in the memories when I look back at old photos, even those not so very old, like this one from earlier this year.

This photo makes me laugh, out loud, every time I look at it. It captures the pure joy we find in going on photo adventures together, putting our creative minds together to come up with the perfect solution.
We had just realized our neighbors were looking down in our yard wondering what kind of loonies we were - Taylor accidentally pushed the shutter release as we were dying laughing. Here is the final, in a series of 9, Alice inWonderland she did for her senior photo focus project. (even my mom participated. she is the hare in the bushes)

Oh there are so many more. I love photos!!
Thank you CookieSunshine for helping me reflect.


Cookie Sunshine said...

What wonderful memories you have, and thank you so much for sharing them. They tell us so much.
What a fun family you have!

Elizabeth Harper said...

You could be at an English wedding in that hat.

It looks like seeing your mom in the bushes.

As to camping, I did a bit of camping in Scotland earlier this year in the middle of a few really cold, wet, and windy days. I still loved it! Some of my best memories are camping with my dad too.

Thanks too for your comments on my post about my friend Jennifer. She was a sweet soul.

Lemon Dingo said...

Seems you have always had a thing for hats. I just love the cowboy one! Thanks for sharing your looks like you had so much fun with your "Alice" ones!

robinbird said...

i'm so glad i found this... i didn't know! i have to com back later.... i NEED to accomplish some chores.

oh good for you!