Saturday, October 11, 2008

The color I'm seeing today?

I decided to set this blog site up as a place to contribute to the Shutter Sisters challenges each day. Today the question was posed, "what colors are you seeing today?" It's funny because I had just gotten home with a photo on my iphone. In Atlanta the leaves have barely started changing, but as I drove by the river I just had to turn off the road. There was a beautiful field of goldenrod shining in the sun. It's only a snapshot with my phone, so the photo is not great, but it captures the essence of the beauty I saw today. I look forward to the magnificent hues of autumn appearing each day.
"I am seeing yellow today. "


Lemon Dingo said...

Hey..I'm the first to comment on your new site. Very exciting. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your fall photos. I will have to stayed tune to your new site to see what other wonderful pictures you post. Have a great weekend.

Cloudscome said...

Beautiful! Those colors are so sharp. I came here from Shutter Sisters and I really like your blog.