Monday, October 27, 2008

a natural vision

Stephanie Roberts at ShutterSisters had a great post today about defining what our natural vision in photography is - how would we articulate it. Well I am not an eloquent a writer, as many of you are, but I did like pondering that question in my mind.
I think I would say my vision is to see the small picture instead of the large picture - to focus in on the sometimes ignored. I love reflections and shadows and the little details that tell the story of the whole. I see beauty in the very simple.

It's a good thing to think about and examine as we shoot - why exactly we find certain things interesting to photograph.

I know that this isn't fabulous photography but it is an indication of what captures my attention so it must speak to my "natural" vision - good or bad.


robinbird said...

those are such interesting shots you took from your day with taylor! this is such a good question for me. i have written many posts about this subject and yet i still say it a little different each time.,,however i do believe that over time it will coalesce and be something i know like my own name.

i was just over at your etsy shop and your leaves are brilliant!! i love the one with the quote from Thoreau. beautiful work!

ELK said...

what a trio of photographs to share here with the words to describe the approach you take toward each one .

I am surely looking at my world in a different way since taking more photos ~ yours are lovely ~

spread your wings said...

Robin, i created a wrong link to the photos of Taylor. I see now why you say "interesting" haha

jfrancis said...

All the little details
make the image coherent,
bring the puzzle pieces
together__in focus__
in her natural vision.

Elizabeth Harper said...

I have something I'd like to email you, but I can't find an address.

Would you contact me please through the email address on my website. Thanks, sorry if I've missed it somewhere.

Elizabeth said...

I think I must have missed that post; I'll have to ponder it. I love these photos - all the little details - and the colors in the last photo are beautiful.