Wednesday, October 15, 2008

An eye for photography

This post is in response to ShutterSisters - finding your creativity.

I have been in a creative environment all of my life. My mother is a painter and instilled in me the love of painting from a very early age. I majored in fine art in college and had several shows of my paintings but I went on to a profession in advertising. When I had my daughter it was my mom who passed the paint brush over to Taylor and guided her to finishing a painting every summer. And she painted wonderful paintings. But I don't think Taylor believed she was a real artist, or very creative.
When she was 10, Taylor made a box camera and that is were she found her passion, her outlet for creativity. Her love for photography grew from there. It wasn't until she returned from France at the age of 14 and came back with her photos of the trip that I was convinced she truly had a gift - an exceptional eye - that was worth encouraging. She saw things that others didn't. In France when others were snapping pictures of the typical, she was left behind, busy framing in her camera a simple white jug with wildflowers sitting in a window. So I did encourage her, and she had her first festival show at the age of 16 and has been selling her work every since.
The above photo was taken with a small point and shoot. She has since moved on to a NikonD40x. How she wishes she could go back and recapture the wonder she saw in Avignon, France. Maybe one day.


Wayfaring Wanderer said...

The age of 10.....I sense a trend ;)

I can't wait until I finally get to travel abroad. France is definitely at the top of my list.

Lemon Dingo said...'re not kidding. She is gifted. That's amazing that she was taking pictures like that at such a young age. And how lucky for her to have the encouragement and support of 2 women role models in her life.

ELK said...

thank you for grandmothers who can be so encouraging ~ for point and shoots that can get us started and for our youth ~there is hope for beauty in the world!